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Hello, I'm fumbling my way through making my annotation more efficient and trying to build up a database of callout notes for this. I can find very little online information on how best to use the databases that you can create like this. Currently it seems to me that the only way to edit/ manage this information is individually via the 'Notes manager'. Is this right or can I actually open the database itself in Vectorworks and start to look at/ amend/ streamline the notes that I am building up. If not in VW then can I use another application to open the .xml files that I seem to be creation in Libraries-Defaults-Notes? Is there any available tutorials/ best practise info on this online that anyone is aware of, or how do others manage this information?


As a side issue, the default setting for notes is to "Connect to Database with Absolute Path" - I always thought that a relative path is better as it allows you to move files around without breaking links, is that right and if so wouldn't that be a better default?





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Usually relative paths is often better if possible as it allows you to move the drawing and its related files around and things can be moved to a new drive without breaking links too much.


Unless you are using a shared resource that gets updated from time to time, then a fixed path might be better to make sure you will be using the correct file. This assuming the shared resource is not going to be moved at some point in the near future and that its path remains on the same drive/unc path.

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