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3D hinge direction markers don't display in hidden line mode


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How can I make window hinge markers visible in hidden line viewports? I want them to be visible in elevation, but they don't display in any of my viewports.




I have ticked Show Interior and Exterior Hinge Markers in the object settings. The hinge marker class is also turned on in the viewports. 


When I look at my model in 3D wireframe mode the hinge markers are visible but as soon as I switch to hidden line mode they disappear. They disappear both on the interior and the exterior side. Same thing happens with the window preview when I try to edit the window settings. Surely there must be a way to display the hinge markers in elevations (hidden line viewports). 


Alternatively, is there any other render mode I can use for my viewports to get a decent line drawing elevation?


59ca7bc8b5192_ScreenShot2017-09-26at16_52_21.png.9929cd99a0e3fb0ec589834913058601.png     59ca7bcacacc2_ScreenShot2017-09-26at16_52_40.png.f877f318e39e7e6eda3865faeebb684a.png


59ca7bd0cac21_ScreenShot2017-09-26at16_54_05.png.640c1b2b5304b8fbbe9f7e8074e0d88a.png      59ca7bd2d390a_ScreenShot2017-09-26at16_54_44.png.b9d8854efadbc6c2cb4c1e22e4bae352.png


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