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VW 2014 and OS High Sierra



Hi all, well I went ahead and installed OS High Sierra. I use VW 2014 because I use it with InteriorCad 2014 which by all accounts was the last useful version until they finish reworking the code etc. on newer version etc. So I was able to draw with it but i am getting the perimeter of the page flashing when i move the mouse and when I drag something it is not smooth. Is anybody else having this issue and is there any chance that VW1024 would be updated to work with OS HS? 

Thanks for any feedback.


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I am pretty sure that VW 2014 will never get updated to High Sierra.

(Or even could be)

Normally there is a SP1 to support the current OS, released very shortly after VW,

than there mostly is a SP 5 which will support the next OS after.


I am wondering that VW 2014 starts at all on 10.13.


There are valid reasons why to keep special older VW Versions,

but in that case, one should also keep that era's OS and Hardware.


Or use Windows as the chances are much higher that an outdated Software

will still run fine on a current Windows OS.

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Hey, I was still using 2014 on a Mac, but underwent a big shift towards CNC this fall. I moved to a Windows system and am able to use InteriorCAD 2017.  I have not updated to 2018 quite yet. I’m waiting for some aspects of my system to be cleared for bugs. I like my Mac better, but Enroute is PC only.  I can use Classic and new cabinet maker on Windows.  It was a tough decision, but think it is the best for my workflow going forward.  I’m always glad to see other Icad user.

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