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Braceworks: A hanging position just under a truss, no go.


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I want to have my hanging position hang just under the truss. However, Braceworks gives me the error shown below. Is the only solution to move the hanging away from under the truss? That would be sad.

I've briefly toyed with making the truss a hanging position, but then I lose some of the truss/braceworks tools in the OIP.


Does anyone have a good workflow to hang lights on a truss along with using braceworks?


Thanks, Scott


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Guest Beckstorm

@mochran  The Hanging position is an update for the old Lighting Position object, now allows Audio and Video to connect.  It is designed to work with Braceworks by allowing you to attach objects to it so when you move the position the object attached move as well.  You can also create a report of what Lighting Instruments are attached to it.   Example below from your file,  I just added 2 hoist and ran the calculation. 




All that said you don't have to use the Hanging Position if you don't want to. 


Hope that helps!

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Hi, cool thanks for that, but, if i use the straight truss or insert truss tool,  it places a truss object that i can connect the motors to and it becomes a system.  in the object properties there is button for select system and change system trim.  the system behaves as i would expect,  however i cannot attach a light.


if i convert the truss to a hanging position, i can attach a light,  however the motors no longer track the truss and the buttons for the select system are gone.

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