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2D Selection Tool Customization?

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Tough to answer without knowing how you work, but programming the buttons with the tools you use most would be the short answer.

I should add I don't have the same model as you, I only have the four buttons around the trackball.

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Yeah, But in every program other than VW my right mouse button would be useless.

I only have the native window software and the Logitech mouse driver/properties customization and unfortunatly it's global.

And if you'll read my post in "double click frustration" you'll see that I have been having problems double clicking arbitrarily - unfortunatly more often than not its over a symbol or group and I get bumped to the edit screen.

I just wish that the right mouse button in VW could be customizable to a specific tool. I have been able to define it, using customize my workspace, to a specific menu command, but not for a tool (as in 2D select).

I use the XX or double click constantly. I have always been a strongly in favor of some button that would always select the 2D selector and if i am typing text, could in theory, get me out of it and on to my next task.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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The other key that exits you from a text block and accepts what you entered is the Escape key. ?If you are a right hand mouser like I am, you don't have to travel over the keyboard.


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