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Vectorworks 2018 Data Bar and Duplicate Odd Behavior



I recently installed Vectorworks 2018 on a Windows 7 64-bit system and came across a couple issues. I'm curious if anyone is experiencing similar issues, or if maybe something got messed up during installation or while migrating my preferences from v2017:

  1. I lose the ability to enter information in the Data Bar after using the Pan tool or Walkthrough tool in perspective view. Restarting or reloading the file corrects this (until the next time I use the Pan tool in perspective view).
  2. If I duplicate an object by holding Control while dragging it, pressing Ctrl-D should repeat the offset. However, this only seems to be working in Top/Plan view. When I try it in a 3D or elevation view, it offsets the object by the default amount instead of the distance/angle I previously specified.



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I am also having problems with losing the ability to input information into the floating data bar.   I have no idea what is causing this, it will work for while then stop working.  If I close the file and reopen the file it works again for a while.
I'm using Windows 7 Pro,

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I am also having problems with the data bar in 2018.  In the edit group and data bar drop down box the option for 'allow numeric keypad entry for instant data bar activation' cannot be selected so input to the data bar is not possible, however I can manage to input whole numbers but it will not allow the decimal point. I have checked all other parameters and these are set at the same as 2017 so I would guess that this is a bug that has slipped through the net.  Hope it gets sorted soon as I use this method of entry constantly.

My system is windows 10 pro.

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