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Where did "Edit Site Model Source Data" go???

G Troyer

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15 hours ago, zoomer said:

It is not available in Workspace (all) Menu Entries for me and does not appear in the Selection > RMB Option Menue.
VW Architect here.

Right, it's my fault - sorry for this!

The "Recreate from Source Data" menu item will be available in SP1.

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So the first very important Feature Update for VW, between release cycles :)


It is not the same as it was before but still will help much.




Could these warning messages be suppressed UNTIL there have been made any

changes, that could get lost ?

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On 27.9.2017 at 6:06 PM, bozho said:

There is a context menu item Recreate from Source Data, right click on the model and choose it. An alert appears saying that any edits made to contours will be lost and if you accept, it enters edit mode showing the source data where they can be edited.


It's there now with Sp1.

That's fine !

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Edit site model should be so easy. click on model and add a few modes or extend the contour. Still have to edit the crop to get more space around and in 2018 i have option to edit the Existing or Proposed. I created a model using survey data and when i go in to edit the exist contours the contours are fragmented lines. So i drag a line to extend it and save and go back in to check and the computer changed the contour to something different.


Is there a Help video for this, Using survey data?? I looked at the video and seems to work as the contours look nice and continuous.  I guess i need to retire.

See attached file.


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How to control the text size of contour labels edit modes ?


I think it came from 2017 migration but my contour labels had a text size of (120 pt).

Also they were all stacked over each other where crossing a grade limit.

So you could not read them nor see anything behind.


At one point, don't know what it exactly needed, like rebuild from source or such,

text size switched, is too small now and their distances along contours far too long for

my scale.

It is back to 120 pt today !?

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On 9/23/2017 at 0:38 PM, zoomer said:


So I vote for a new general standard continuous Line Tool with Z Height Setting and option to stay flat

according to the current plane when starting drawing.



When switching through Vertices of a "Polygon" by the arrows in OIP I wish that the selected Vertex

stays highlighted !



Especially for nearly linear segments, I wish to get  an Option to temporarily show all Vertices - of all Lines,

not the selected ones only.



When editing multiple Elements with the Modify Tool, in their Sub Vertex Mode by using the Marquee,

I wish to have all standard Selection Options (SHIFT, ALT) and Selected Vertices have to be highlighted

in a different more important color to be able to see and control what you do.

Especially items 1 and 4 would be important to me.


As well as access to the original contour data for editing as you mentioned in an earlier reply in this thread. It was a big mistake to remove that.

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30 minutes ago, Art V said:

As well as access to the original contour data for editing as you mentioned in an earlier reply in this thread. It was a big mistake to remove that.


It came back again with SP1.


It will just destroys all use of, or changes made in, new Contour Editing.

But if you ignore the new Contour editing offer, you can use a DTM just like the old version.

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14 hours ago, zoomer said:

It came back again with SP1.

Thanks, good to hear. I had not yet gotten into generating a site model with VW2018 but it is good to know it's back. And the support for GeoTIFF solved another issue I was having with VW2017 (incorrect scale of imported images) so I'm a happy camper on these two things now. :)

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