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What version of Revit does Vectorworks 2018 Import?


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Does anybody know up to what Revit version Vectorworks 2018 will import?


A client sent a Revit file from his client, when I tried to import I got an error message saying that the version of revit was not supported. I'm not a revit user although I have revit LT 2018, so I thought I could just open it up and save at a lower version only to find out you can not do that. I suspect the file was Revit 2018.


I was able to export from revit as an ifc and import into vectorworks. The import was good however I lost a lot of functionality in vectorworks like the create interior elevation viewports which needs walls to work with. I really needed that vectorworks command to work.


It would be really appreciated if we could know upon release of a new version what versions can be imported.


Perhaps a wish list item - if vectorworks can export its native objects to ifc it would be great to see ifc objects converted to vectorworks objects.

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