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Titleblock Autocad Export

Samuel Derenboim


Good afternoon, 


After taking a look at the Titleblock elements for VW 2018, it is indeed flexible, however there is an issue regarding exports. Normally, when any symbol is exported with record information - in autocad it automatically converts it to attributes that can be modified for the symbol - very convenient when setting up standards in between two platforms. 


What I like - Before record information exported on a multiline field automatically converted to a single line field which made it impossible to modify multi line text without dramatically modifying the exported titleblock.

This issue seems to have dissapeared, but for a different reason i believe.


Now - with the new Parametric titleblock - the record information is there, however it is not exported as linkable attributes in autocad. In other words, record information for the symbol is there - however, attributes assigned to the text do not modify the text anymore. I believe it is because it was converted to a parametric record - not a database (modifiable) record. I thought I'd share this because it was quite handy to work in between platforms that links records and attributes together. Parametric constraints however do not. Perhaps theres a fix i don't know about?


Either way, Thanks for the help in advance!! 

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I don't have VW2018 yet so I can't check it myself, but  could it be that the visibility and/or editability setting flag of the attribute gets set to off (visibility) or constant (editability) when exporting to DWG? You may want to check the visibility/constant flags of the attributes in the template in AutoCAD to see if that might be the case .
If the attribute flag gets set to constant you cannot edit the text and you would have to disable that flag through redefining the attribute (attredef command).


Regarding multiline texts, there is a multiline flag for attributes, but you would have to edit the template in AutoCAD to update that flag to make it multiline again. (Again the attredef command).


Just a few thoughts, as it does not make sense to me to not have the titleblock editable after export to DWG by default because of it being parametric. If it does then the dwg export needs to be corrected for that.

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I just noticed the same problem with exporting VW 2018 Titleblocks to DWG. They do not export with editable field data in AutoCAD.


Just another reason I am not very happy with the implementation of titleblocks in VW2018 and the complete abandonment of the legacy sheet borders. Stuff like this is happening with way too may features.

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