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Creating a viewport based upon GPS


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I am creating a set of photomontages in Photoshop and in VW overlaying Terrain 5 data, what would be the best process to setup accurate viewports from the GPS coordinates of the photomontages? I want it to show the Terran 5 data from the exact point the photo was taken. 





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Are you talking about images from the UK's Ordnance Survey (OS) Terrain 5 data or about the Terran 5 mission from Starcraft? :)  (I've seen enough unusual applications of CAD/GIS to not be suprised if it were Starcraft)

Assuming you're referring to Terrain 5 data from OS then you would first need to georeference your VW drawing file, then the best option would be to use a GIS program (e.g. the free QGIS if you don't have one) to georeference your images as that will cause your photoshop images to be imported at the right coordinates.


The important part is to have the GPS coordinates of the corners of your photos and use those to georeference the image and then save it from the GIS software as a GeoTIFF or GeoJPEG file with accompanying .tfw or .jgw file respectively and then import it into Vectorworks. It should then be at the right scale and if necessary VW will reproject the image to match the coordinate system in Vectorworks (assuming your are using the OSGB coordinate system)

Using viewports to put your Photoshop images in place is something I would not advise to do as you really need to get the scale, projection etc. etc. right in the saved photoshop image to make things match. Georeferencing your images in a GIS program is the better way to go about this.


Unless you are talking about photos made with a handheld camera at a certain location on the ground and processed in Photoshop. Then the same more or less applies but you would need the size of the objects for the verticals (heights) but then Camera Match could be an option (View>Camera Match) that might work easier.

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