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Odd line selection


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I have something strange going on in a drawing.... I have cut a section through a 3d house, and then converted to lines so that I can manipulate it how I want it for my cross section drawings.

All is fine, except for the stairs - I can see the lines, but I can only select them by using Marquee mode, not by selecting the lines individually.  It is almost like the lines aren't actually there if I try to select them by clicking on them.  When I select them using Marquee mode I can see that they are all in the same class (none) and that they are in the screen plane, as is the rest of the drawing.


Can anyone offer me any clues as to what is going on and how I can fix it?

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When selected, what kind of object is indicated in  OIP?


Some things to Try:

Marquee select>paste into a new blank drawing. If working as expected replace the originals with the new ones


Re boot system and restart Vectorworks 



Marquee select>Ungroup

or Convert to Group(converts symbols to groups) then Ungroup


last resort: trace w/ 2d tools and delete the originals. 



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More stupid ideas that won't work
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Thanks for your ideas.


I tried copy and pasting the objects (lines in the OIP) into a new bank document - same behaviour.

I have rebooted and restarted vector works, no difference.

I have noticed that when I first go to the layer that the objects are on, and when I first pasted them into the blank document, they are not visible until I zoom out. 


Looks like I am going for your last resort idea, with the additional problem that I can't actually snap to the objects.

It is all very puzzling, and frustrating.


Thanks anyway



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Sharon, I use the legacy "Cut 2D Section" tool, and it has never disappointed.  A much better way to end up with a 2D section.  One caution:  if multiple layers are involved, your layer mode has to be "Show/Snap/Modify Others."  Also, be sure all the necessary classes are visible.  This method has been foolproof for versions up through 2017, no experience with 2018 yet.  You can install "Cut 2D Section" by editing your workspace.  Another tip:  "Cut 2D Section" places all lines in an automatically-created new Layer.  When you go to that layer, be sure you are in "Top/Plan" view for more reliable snapping & selection.  Screen plane objects in any view other than Top/Plan have become problematic as of v2017.

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