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OK, so I was told that this issue was resolved with the latest version (2018), but it has not been. Here's the deal:


The Base Cabinet tool has some bugs. Whatever height you set the cabinet to it will be short by 1/2". For instance, a 35" tall cabinet will measure 34.5" tall. Also, when selecting the 3 drawer cabinet the top and second drawer overlap unless you set the mid spacing to greater than 5/8" which makes creating a modern drawer cabinet with slab doors impossible. Does anyone else still have these issues? I've attached a file so you can see the issue.



Cabinets Still Funky.vwx

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The 1/2" discrepancy comes from the "Reveal" depth specified in the OIP for the counter top. See image.  If you set that number to zero, you will find the issue resolved.

I think that you'll also find that resolves the overlap problem you are having between drawers.  It looks to me like the reveal input compresses the rest of the settings.  My advice would be to avoid it and account for any top reveal with a custom counter top.





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Dude! Thank you! I had figured that if the option was turned off it wouldn't apply to the object, but I guess I was wrong. Problem appears to have been solved.


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