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Windows wall detail


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Hi everyone, 


I have a very strange behaviour when setting up my windows, has anyone experience something like that? Is there a logical reason, something we've done wrong  or is this a bug? 

Here are the "symptoms" : 


1) I've set up a windows stylein my library,  it looked all fine. It uses "Exterior Wall detail" setting to return the wall external component. 



2) Then I started to put all my  windows in my actual file. When I wanted to edit the window style I realised that I could change the setting of the window AS LONG AS the width of that window remains > 140cm. Below that the wall detail does not adjust and creates a gap between the wall and the window... the gap increases as the window becomes more narrow, as if the wall detail should be locked at 140cmwindows130.PNG.567db730b06f5df89310abe3259081ed.PNGwindows80.PNG.caef0c166abda949b6971fc9185f216c.PNG


3) Not understanding the problem, I manually updated some 20 windows to readjust the gap... Yet as soon as I do ANY editing to the said windows (adjusting the sill for exemple) ... VW "forgets" my manul setting and goes back the the gap situation... 


Did anyone experienced this? What is the problem? 


thank you for your feed back



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This is a bug - not new to 2018. It happens when you have internal or external components and want to position doors or windows in walls 'properly' and not rely on them being centred in the structure.  I will have to be honest it is a hit and miss whether VW spits its dummy out on this one.


If anyone has a solution for this one - please let us know.



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Thank you Alan for your comments. In fact, after 3 days of research,  I've come to the conclusion that this is indeed a bug linked to the window style not functioning properly (pretty dissapointing hum!).

You have indeed nodes that one can adjust. the thing is that once you adjust them, any modification to the style after that (event just changing the sill for exemple) makes the program forget the adjustment you've just made. So if you have 200 windows, you will have to correct them each manually. but even once you've done that, any change to the style will make you lose those settings...  and you'll have to redo them... pretty discouraging... no? Of course this happens only with the wall detail. If you don't use them, the window's width adjust fine... but what's the point of a tool you can't use? 

Further more, I've discovered that the minimal width the window's wall detail can accept (before creating these gap) is linked with the initial width of the window at the creation of the style: one can not modify the width to a value inferior to the width at the creation of the window"s style. ... So if you want to use window's style and wall details... always create your style narrower narrower narrower... apparently you can always increase the width.... So that could be a hint for a workaround.... 

I'll  upload a video for you to see the bug tomorrow, riht now I don't have a stable connection.

Best regards


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To solve the problem, we are trying to create narrow window style -narrower then the width we think we will need - (so to diminish the odd that we should reduce the width at some point), we're betting on the fact that the augmentation of the width does not seem to cause problem. 

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Dear all. I have this. I guess its not fixed yet? 

Does any one know if there is a way to put a more detailed 2d symbol in at the jamb / head/ cill? (the system is fine for 3d, but not the required detail for 2d drawings) or is it a case of floating a more detailed symbol over the top where you need it?

Slightly disappointed by the limits of this tool to be honest


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