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John Vancouver

Roof inserted lower than layer

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Hi All,


Still struggling to get going. Does anybody have an Idea why my roof is being inserted 10' or so below my roof layer. I think I finally have Story's is set up properly but my roof is way below where is should be (although the rectangle object that I created the roof from is at the right hieght). I change the layer of the roof object and it moves up or down according to the layer. 


Also Is it normal that my empty template is 25mb? Seem huge compared to VW12 where my completed projects never got that high. 


Does anybody have a template for a 2 storey building or a completed project so that I can see how things are set up. The Vectorworks templates don't seem to function properly. Top of Structurel heights are not set, saved views are set to slab layer, classes are not set up(Glass are not see through) and the file size is huge. 


Thanks again for the help everybody!


John T

roof pic.jpeg

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Can you also show the Design Layers Tab that we can see the Layer's Heights ?

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Got it Zoomer. When I create a roof the bearing insert is seems to always be set to minus 19'. But the object info palette says the bearing 0' when I pick the low roof object....... Not sure why the Automatic setting is minus 19' or why the info palette won't describe what it actually is. Re-did the roof a few times to test this out. At least I can work around this. 



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Would have been easier.

You have already assigned all Layer to Stories and proper heights.

So I don't know what the problem is.


Does the Roof has any negative Z-Height in OIP ?

(that was my last idea)



And I was also too late :)

Edited by zoomer

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Hey while I got you on the line Zoomer :-)


Does 2018 have a better way to do footings than 2012? Like a wall type that has a 8" high x 18" wide footing with a 8" wall that come up from it.


John t

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I didn't do much footings but if, I did it with Walls.

So I have a Wall Style bound to Story and Level Settings for the Footings and another Wall on top.

For point footings that all have lots of different sizes, I may prefer Columns or Structural Member Tool (?)

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