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VW 2018 Export to Web


Trying to export to web and I get the attached error. My internet connection is fine at home with no restrictions.


Could someone check this please?


thank you

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 08.40.16.png

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I tried my first Export Web View from VW2018 SP1 for a client this afternoon. Not a great experience. I no longer get any preview in Safari on my Mac, just a black screen with the navigation controls to the right. Its very hard to test things without a preview. Some other observations from my experience -


- there needs to be better documentation about using logos. The help is very unhelpful and actually contains incorrect information. It says that the image should contain an alpha channel. Unfortunately the dialog to select the image doesn't see image file types that can contain an alpha channel (PSD, TIFF, BMP). What its actually asking for is a 24 bit PNG which is an image with transparency.

- the logo images are scaled differently depending on whether your viewing the web view model on a desktop or mobile browser. They should stay consistent like the navigation icons.

- when I tried previewing in Firefox instead of Safari, the preview was missing the Renderworks background.

- its still really frustrating to figure out the initial/home view. This is a really important step in making a good impression with a client.

- I discovered that Vw doesn't properly process image textures during export. I couldn't figure out why one of my textures was completely overexposed. It turns out I used a filter colour to alter the image when I created the texture. VW ignores this entirely for the export so I had to go back in, alter the source image in Photoshop and then replace the existing image in the texture.

- image textures seem to only export at one resolution - low. I'm honestly more interested in controlling this than model "quality".

- it seems like VW converts model colours to web colours. It would be helpful if there was a web safe colour palette in VW for me to make my own choices or for the export function to show these substitutions.

- I think over the course of testing I posted 10 or more models to the VW server because of the preview issues.


Overall I was pretty frustrated by the end. It took about 2 hours to get something I felt comfortable showing to a client who wanted to use it for a board event. Remember this is about communicating a design..... colour, texture, look and feel are all important.




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Hey everyone,


If you are using Safari 11 and attempting to use the preview/viewing Web Views locally, right now there is a black screen when this happens. Unfortunately, reading local files in Safari 11 is not something that we program to circumvent. Here is a short blurb of how to get this working on your side.





Web View Safari 11 local workaround.docx

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