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Hi everyone.

I am having issues using the PDF writer with Acrobat 6 Pro and VW 10.5.1

I set the page area to Arch D and center my drawing inside the box representing the page in VW, then I goto print using the PDF writer with page size set as Arch D, and dag if every stinkin time the resulting PDF cuts off part of my work on the left side because it appears the page or the drawing have shifted in such a way that now a large chunk of my drawing "hangs off" the left side of the page. Although the VW display still shows my drawing centered squarely within the page area. What is going on here? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Go to the Page menu and select Set Print Area.

Set this to ONE PAGE (at the top of the list - you'll need to scroll up)

Then, go to File>Page setup and select the D size sheet.

Now, adjust the gray print boundary border to correctly fit around your drawing.

Open the PDF in the viewer and see if the drawing is still being cut off.

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I have always been frustrated with Acrobat's strange behavior with large sheets. After many discussions with Adobe and VW techs, I have concluded that it's partly a default memory limitation in the setup of Acrobat.

In Windows XP I go to Printers & Faxes/Adobe PDF/right click/Properties/Layout/Advanced/Graphic/Print Quality/ change to 300dpi.

Then to Device Settings/Font Subs/Available PostScript Memory/increase to at least 32,000kb.

There's also a way to get large sheets in the sheet size list. But it's pretty complicated, and may not really matter to Acrobat.

On a Mac, the process should be similar. These changes should help, but it's a workaround for inherent limitations. I don't know if the Pro version works better with large drawings.


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I use Acrobat 5 on the Mac and everything works fine. I print the VW file through a Virtual Postscript printer to create a postscript file. The postscript files are then run through Acrobat Distiller and voilla, a properly formated PDF file. Distiller runs under Classic which is a drag, but other than that it works fine.

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