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Vision 2018 Released

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Since the introduction of the “Send to Vision…” command, Vectorworks has been the keeper the model of your project. Conventional fixtures are now members in good standing in that all of the parameters such as focus, gobo, shutter cuts are transferred to Vision during the ‘Send to Vision…’ command. Also several environmental parameters have been added and exposed so that there is now a huge amount of control of the lighting characteristics in the room available. 




Overall improvements

Vision performance, stability, and ease of use have been significantly increased


New bloom parameter

A new global parameter, bloom, allows you to add a halo effect around bright lights





Improved property parameters

Several global property parameters have been improved or have additional controls, including haze and volumetric quality; Invert Pan and Invert Tilt have been improved for fixtures

New Properties.png


Conventional fixture settings from Vectorworks

Lighting device objects now export to Vision with focus orientation, shutter, and gobo information, improving the workflow between Vectorworks Spotlight and Vision


Tool bar improvements

The Tool bar was rearranged and updated to be more similar to Vectorworks’



Keyboard Shortcuts

For ease of using Vision and Spotlight together, shortcuts for similar tools were made the same



New DMX controls

In addition new camera controls, ambient lighting and haze direction controls have been added

DMX Controls.png


Pause DMX playback

The DMX playback can now be paused

DMX Playback.png


To purchase Vision, visit this link:


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Hey Tobias, here are direct links to the 2018 installers:






For those who are viewing this, keep in mind: if your Vision subscription expired before the release for Vision 2018, you will not have access to Vision 2018.

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3 hours ago, mdellwing said:

Are there any updates after November last year ? Where can I find them ?




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