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Too early for a VW2019 or SP1 Wishlist Thread


After previewing VW2018, I am again excited at some of the new features! Landscape architects using the software can rejoice at:

·         Multiple Views – This is pretty awesome upon first glance

·         Better Site Model Contour Manipulation – The updated interface and experience will take a little getting used to, but the added control over 2d-3d contours is a much-awaited feature

·         Worksheets – The slightly updated interface and interplay with the criteria selection will make some of worksheets’ notoriously difficult to understand elements a little easier to manipulate and interact with.

·         Irrigation Tool Fixes – Hatches for drip areas and the ability to rotate symbols on a pipe are great additions


Knowing that the next Version’s list is already being developed, I would like to reiussue my running wishlist for VW2019 or even the next service pack?

For comparison, here is my big list from last year. (https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/19-wishlist-feature-and-content-requests/&do=add)


First of all, some of my wishes were granted, or at least partially. With links to the original posts, they are as follows:


So…that leaves us with a running list of all of the wishlist items that still remain. These are prioritized based on our perceived level of importance in day-to-day workflows. Note that I have also attached an excel spreadsheet we use internally to categorize our wish list items.


  1. Design Layer and Sheet Layer Hierarchy   - No changes in 2018
  2. File Size - No changes in 2018
    • Many of our files are getting too cumbersome to work with. As the ideal workflow seems to be the idea of project sharing, where everything is located in one file and team members check out that file to work simultaneously, we are at a standstill. Right now our workflow contains 5 files (L-Hardscape, L-Irrigation, L-Planting, L-Details, and L-Base) all referenced together to create our drawing set. Each file can top out at over 1 GB of size, making combining all of this information into 1 file impossible. Can you imagine a 3-4 GB VW file...we can. With that said, finding a way to dramatically reduce file size and/or the draw on the computer is going to be vital for us going forward. The projects and demands being placed on us aren't getting any easier, so we need a software that is nimble and can react with us and VW seems to be heading in the opposite direction.
    • IN VW2018 - A bare bones 35.68 MB file becomes a 36.08 MB file. Albeit a relatively small increase in file size, this is going in the wrong direction from our perspective.
  3. Text Handling – No Changes in 2018
  4. Irrigation Pipe Jump Autosize – No Changes in 2018
  5. Offset irrigation Pipes – No Changes in 2018
  6. Sheet Layer or Viewport Linking Text – No Changes in 2018
  7. Tag/Callout Based on Record Field – No Changes in 2018
  8. Image Function in Worksheets – No Changes in 2018
  9. Hardscape Components – No Changes in 2018
  10. Site Model Contour Labelling – No Changes in 2018
  11. Reference Viewport Classes – No Changes in 2018
  12. Viewport Visibility - Save Settings – No Changes in 2018
  13. Document Management - Viewport Crops and Annotation – No Changes in 2018       
  14. Dashed Line Endings – No Changes in 2018
  15. Civil3D Integration – No Changes in 2018
  16. Referenced Titleblocks and Project Based information – New Tool, problem not solved.
  17. Enhanced Clip Cube Operability – No Changes in 2018
  18. Auto Color Classification for Data Visualization Viewports – No Changes in 2018
  19. Select Similar Tool to Work for Plant Objects – No Changes in 2018
  20. General Notes Needs Columns – No Changes in 2018
  21. Floors inside symbols don't export to DWG – No Changes in 2018
  22. Constrain Image Dimensions on OIP Resize – No Changes in 2018
  23. Stake Tool - Read Elevations of Objects in Addition to Site Models – No Changes in 2018
  24. Create Class from Object – No Changes in 2018
  25. Calculating Quantities Across a Database Header – No Changes in 2018
  26. Site Models and Aerial Imagery Textures…gotta be a better way – No Changes in 2018
  27. Railing Fence Tool - Corner Posts – No Changes in 2018
  28. Irrigation Calcs for True Looped Mainline – No Changes in 2018


Thank you for reading this far, and if you are a VW staffer, great work on 2018, don’t let this list get you down. Get some rest.





PCLD Wishlist.xlsx

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