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VW2018 MacOS Sierra

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Ooooops !


Do I really need to  create a new 3D Con Driver Setting for VW 2018 ???

I think it currently runs with the VW 2017 settings automatically,

as I have mirrored all Axes.

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For the docking,


it seems you try to dock Attributes AND Snapping palettes together

WHILE both are docked to each other.


Can you try to undock and separate both before you try to dock

your Attribute Palette to the left border ?

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If there is no way to pull them apart,

can you set the palette options in Menu Bar, to not allow floating palettes to dock to each other temporarily ?

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All my preferences seem to be set up the same... think there was a "do you want to import preferences from previous version?" question during install...


can't remember if this is new,  but thanks for doing this...


example below "Object Highlighting  - Pre-selection Inactive Layer" i aways set to green and it was so



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1st Issue - 3D Connexion


I meant the 3DConnexion Driver Settings. (Not the Workspace)

So far I did not create a new VW 2018 App entry.

Like with Modo or C4D , where all Versions run with the one single App Setting.



2nd Issue - Docking


The Setting I meant is in Menu > Window > Palette Options > uncheck "Floating Palettes can doch to each other"

To be able to pull both apart before to try to dock to borders..

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also it seems to remember your last settings as to the screen layout... if you have it set up with many screens you can turn it off to show only the main screen then turn back on the multi screens that you had before....good job

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I think I ran into this when customizing my VW 2017 workspace.

Do not know how much time I spend until I realized that and found a solution back then ...

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now the big question....do i Batch Convert all my stuff & go to work? 




play it safe and stick with 2017 until my projects are done (2 months from now)




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I did batch convert my old Workgroup Folder Content.


I think the only problem is that you don't have real (large) Preview options in Resource Manager

until you manually open-save-close each converted File again ?

(At least I had to do it when VW 2017 came out)

Currently I see large Preview of these in VW 2018 but Plan View only.


Otherwise, converting Projects to VW 2018 and work from there - or not - is more a question of how

stable VW 2018 SP 0-1 are.


Yes, you should never change the App Version for running Projects.

But for me that would mean in  some cases that I had to still use VW 2014 ;)

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VW2018 Split Screen & a 1.14GB file

very impressed!
note: this video was not edited because i wanted to show the delay in real time... one spot i did clip out a delay but that was because of user error...I'm very impressed with VW2018 ability to handle this much information...nice job!



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finished the day working in 2018...no noticeable problems...


it was really fun using the split screens...worked 20min past lunch because i was having so much fun working!!

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1 hour ago, Andrew Davies said:

@digitalcarbonreally interesting to see these videos. Thanks for posting!  Love your models. Great work


As always ...

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15 hours ago, digitalcarbon said:

working with pipe just got a WHOLE LOT simpler...

i though the split screen was going to be nice but not really useful...

this is way cool!




Excellent modelling as always DC. Compulsive viewing is something I would never have thought of for a Vectorworks forum, but your posts definitely are!


On the screenshot - I see the smaller pipe entering the larger near its base (elevationally). In fact it is drawn slightly within the wall of the larger pipe and terminates on the centreline of the larger pipe. Yet the OpenGL pane looks slightly different - the smaller pipe appears slightly elevated and my eye says it should just about be seen within the larger pipe. Just an observation...anyone else 'see' this?

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