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2018 Titleblocks difficulty

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I know its fresh out, but any pointers on how to actually convert or create new titleblocks? We have a custom titleblock with our company logo etc, and I'm having real trouble even knowing where to begin to create a fully functional 2018 version of it. While the update function works on existing drawings fine, I cant see an easy way to create a new 2018 version for new projects of our own custom block.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

 Vectorworks 2018 uses Object Styles to share Title Block resources:

  • Take your converted title block as a starting point. Go to the Title Block tab  and click the Convert to Unstyled button.
  • Use the Edit Title Block Layout to change the graphics as desired. You can also add text and make field assignments in this context.
  • Exit the layout, and now use the Styles pulldown in OI palette to save this as a new style.
  • Once you've created the style, you can share the style symbol and incorporate it into your document templates as any style symbol.
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This is ridiculous. I have a standard title block that I could fill in using the 2017 version. I have exported the file and tried to create another title block border sheet that I can use and fill in for v2018. It isn't working and there isn't any place in any of the help files to tell me how to create my title block to work with 2018.  I'm not a "power" user. I just do diagrams for meetings and am still learning.  How the heck do I create a title block border sheet with my logos that I can just put in the information that I need and not all of the other stuff?

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