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Tom Klaber

UI/UX _ Worksheet Database Criteria Streamline


The "More" "Fewer" choices method for defining the database criteria arguments is pretty terrible.  Most notably when you are trying to remove an argument.  The "Fewer Choices" does not allow you to select which criteria you would like to remove.  So if you have 4 and want to remove the top one, you have to erase it all and rebuild.   "More" and "Fewer" should be replaced by a + button at the bottom of the list, and 'X' buttons by each of the existing criteria. 

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Yes please! Especially frustrating when you want to remove a field but first have to remove a choice that is by record field. When rebuilding the choices again there can be so many record fields to scroll through to find the right one again. 

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Truthfully "workshets" are such a great concept .. but the usability is so piss poor that - IMO - you really have to invest a lot of time to get them right.


To this day, there is not an easy way to know what parameters are called. 

Calling parameters inside the sheet is a hit or miss whack-a-mole


I usually have to create a report with ALL parameters and then sift through to find the ones I need.

Then I have to create a new report (or delete a lot of columns) to get the report correct.


Also - if you rename - i think it was layer names? - you have to go back into the report and re-call them?


This entire system - like much else - needs a re-write.


I'll say it again ... NO NEW FEATURES --- FIX THE ONES WE HAVE !!!

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Have you seen this thread about the script to create a worksheet showing all of the fields of a PIO, the data type, and giving you a copy/paste access to the formula for the Record.Field format?



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