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Andy Broomell

Foliage Tool 2018


The new Foliage tool is awwweeessooooomme.




All the different "Configurations" are great. And I can think of so many non-foliage uses for it. Thank you already making it so versatile!


One request for future improvement that already comes to mind: instead of selecting only one or two symbols, it would be awesome if we could select a Symbol Folder and have the tool use all the symbols it contains. This would make it similar to @DomC's FANTASTIC Marionette note for filling an area with symbols, found here: 



His network is particularly great for creating crowds, which I coincidentally did just earlier today using his network and 10 symbols:



(Had to omit the stage design for NDA reasons)



With the new Foliage tool I can get really close, but having more than two types of people would really help:





I'm sure multiple Symbol support would be useful for numerous other applications as well. It'd make a great V2.0 addition!

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Hi there. I'm trying to use the foliage tool to create a green wall on a curved wall surface. Does anyone know if this is possible? I've created a wall of foliage but it has a flat front, not a curved one - is it possible to reshape the front to fit the wall? As it stands, the foliage looks gappy as it doesn't curve around the wall properly...

Foliage on curved wall.PNG

Foliage on curved wall2.PNG

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2 hours ago, Snowbunny said:

Hi there. I'm trying to use the foliage tool to create a green wall on a curved wall surface. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Yes, but I found it hard to do with the default mode. I suggest creating a 2D polygon on the ground in the shape you want the rounded wall to be (so i just used an arc and then offset it closing open ends to get my thicker arc) then use AEC > Create Objects from Shapes > Foliage, it then creates the hedge with the proper thickness and length, then i edit the height of the two automatically generated crossing planes to give it the height I want:



Careful when examining my example below, I made the wall a bit big so I had to include 7k symbols, so it takes a bit to regenerate:



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