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It's what other people are doing.


Hi VW folks.


I've had to use a sketchup file to communicate with a client lately and it dawned on me that they're using the free version. There's quite a few free but restricted versions of software out there, which although they protect themselves via watermarking and other methods and advertise themselves, they end up providing their users with a potential to build a library of their own free design files, so when they want to "go pro" they invest in the pro version of that software.


Is it feasible that VW release a hugely cut down, very simple and free version of VW? My clients love the VW viewer, but wish they could put basic cubes and lines on the modelling space to help mark up feedback.

So, disabling sheets, having either a 3d or 2d file and no custom PIOs, ni rendering etc... could be a fantastic way of doing an entry level version of the software which, no doubt, would increase customer uptake later on down the line.

MacDonalds have their happy meals for exactly that purpose. Get them familiar with the product when they're poor, and then watch them come on board later when they're spenders.


I would certainly recomend a free VW "viewer" with super-basic facilities to my clients to give some feedback

Thoughts anyone??

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We have a few clients who keep doing things in visio to do all sorts of things at odd scales.

Then need to be convinced it doesn't work when draw to scale. To be able to send them a base plan and stock furniture and symbols would be useful.


Isn't this the point of Nomad, sure improve the mark up tools and great that it ties to cloud service accounts.

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