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I have a graphic representation problem.

I would like to show the plan in TopPlan view in order to see the wall detail (default at wireframe) (image 1)

However, I'd also like to show the hatch of the floor finish below. (image 2)

Is there anyway to achieve this in a single viewport without layering by using the background/foreground options?

So far I have not found an answer.

Any ideas?





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@TomKlaber The floor is a slab object. It does not show the surface hatch in Top Plan. Maybe I have my settings messed up? I would like it to be showing the surface hatch of the texture I have applied to the top component of the floor slab by class. Is there another way I should be doing this?

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You can apply a hatch to a slab object from the attributes palette if you want to see your hatch in Top/Plan. Just use the hatch the you are using for the Surface Hatch. It will be in your resource manager. You can then see it in Top/Plan view.


I was wrong about Dashed Hidden Line, it won't display surface hatches. If you still want to show this in a viewport on a sheet layer, then you'll need Hidden Line for your foreground and Dashed Hidden Line for your background. That way you will see the surface hatch from your background, with hidden line showing the structure of your walls and other symbols.


I hope that works out.

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@markddYes, this works to a certain extent.

Thanks for the help.


The slab object cannot be assigned a surface hatch from the attributes palette unless it is un-styled, which removed some of my control over this slab type in the whole project.


Keeping the slab 'styled' for other take-offs, I can get the following: the best result showing hidden line for both foreground and background. Draw-backs of this are that symbols display their 3D look and not their 2D look, and we still don't get the top/Plan hatching in the walls. Currently resulting to using two viewports layered on top of one another to get the best of both worlds, although this work-around is very time consuming to both create and maintain/update.



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On 10/19/2023 at 12:51 PM, TaylorK said:

Just ran into this issue as well, looks like surface hatches of a slab are located in the slab attributes rather than the surface hatch of the top component texture. Feels like that should be an opt. Took me way too long to figure this out.

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 8.48.23 AM.png


I spent hours looking for how to do this and I hadn't seen this button!

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