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Saving and applying stipples

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Hello all. Question for you regarding stipples. I have struggled with how best to apply a stipples which has been previously saved.
Once you have a saved stipple can you not apply this to any polygon or polyline much the way you would apply fill?

It doesn

I'm sure it's an easy process which for some reason I'm missing.




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Actually this is a very interesting point. Saved Stipples in a drawing can only be applied to certain objects e.g. hardscapes. 

They can not be applied as a fill choice to other primitive planar objects as one might expect although the hint is that they are unavailable from the Attributes Palette so this makes sense. You can use the 'Create Objects from Shapes' command to apply a Stipple to one of those types of objects. However, it only works with the first stipple in the drawing. If you have multiple stipples in a file and make one the 'active' one and run the command then it won't be applied, rather the first one in the file. Or so it seems. I might report this.

Stipples otherwise have to be drawn and if you double click a saved stipple you'll get taken to the quaintly (or possibly incorrectly) named 'Internal Tool Tool' to draw the shape. Stipples are great but can be very processor heavy. 




Internal Tool Tool.jpg

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