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Josh NZ

Custom Stair Disappearing

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Anyone got any ideas as to what's happening in the video below.

Have tried restarting etc but no luck.



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In Settings > General do you have Overall Height set to By Layer Elevations?


If so the 3D part will only want to show up in the lower layer.


I think the newer stair tool "fixes" this.  But don't quote me on that. :-)


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Looks like there is no 3D representation at all.

Could it be that the 3D parts are assigned to Classes that are currently set to invisible ?

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My experience has been that the custom stair tool no longer really works. Its a legacy tool that when I have attempted to use it in the last two versions, I had similar experiences as well as the file basically corrupting until I removed the custom stair, then replaced it with the less than useful, too complex, impossible to understand interface of a stair tool. Now we have another version with lots of bells and whistles while this essential tool languishes in an almost unusable state. For example, I tried to build a stair with a landing at the bottom (allowed in the UBC and IRC) and it won't do it unless there are two risers. Easy to pull off with the old custom stair, impossible with the current stair module. UGH.

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