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Mesh lines when rendering dwg import file

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I'm trying to render a bathtub that I've imported from a dwg file.  Everything in it is filled, but when it renders, it displays all of the mesh lines.  I've done this before and never had this problem, but this one just won't cooperate. 


Also, is there a way to get smoother renders from imported files?  As a scenic designer, I don't want to model every single furniture prop I need to use (especially when exactly what I need already exists online), but I fend that when these render sometimes, they are very chunky looking.


Attached is a screenshot of what I get on Final Quality Render.


Thanks for any assistance.



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Is Mesh SMoothing enabled for this document (in Document Preferences) or for this mesh specifically in it's OIP?

As for the lines, you might be able to get rid of them by editing the mesh, selecting all the 3D polys and setting their Pen attribute to None while leaving their fill, if thats whats showing through.

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Mesh smoothing enabled: Now it is.


I don't think it's technically a mesh at this point, but a group (within a group within a group) of 3d polygons.  Should I convert to mesh?


When I set the pen to none, the object disappears in wireframe view, unless there's something I'm doing wrong.

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When possible, check out how to remake those tubs using nurbs, results are really appealing.


Tub render.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 12.32.18 AM.png

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Very nice indeed.  Is there a way to convert an imported dwg/dxf?  The speed of dropping in existing models outweighs the beauty if I have to model them from scratch.

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