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Marionette Node Scale

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Originally in Marionette (I guess in VW 2016), I never had any trouble with the graphic relationships of nodes to each other and to their wires.  Regardless of the design layer drawing scale which a network (or at least a Marionette object) was created or used in, there was never an issue with this.  Now, I guess in 2017, nodes have been changed so that they are in page units... and unless the scale of the design layer in which a Marionette object is created matches that of the design layer where it's being used, when editing the script all of the nodes are piled up on each other and/or they're very tiny, with disproportionately long wires, and even disconnected wires (in which case the network just doesn't work...).


It seems the relationships of nodes to each other and their wires should always remain the same, regardless of drawing scale (and even regardless of whether they are in page or world units).


This is reminiscent of callouts, which can't be saved as PIO symbols, because when placed in design layers of differing scales, the relationships of their leader lines to the callouts themselves are not preserved.


Or maybe I'm completely missing something?...

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Hi, @willofmaine, you can get around this by scaling the entire network by the quotient between the former and current layer scale i.e. copy/paste from 1:10 to 1:50 -> scale by factor of 5. For the reverse, scale by 0.2. HTH

As for disconnected wires - this happens to me and I have just reported a bug. Let's see if they can get it fixed.

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Thanks for confirming & reporting the disconnected wires as a bug.


But isn't the inability of nodes and their networks to remain relative to each other, regardless of scale, also a bug?  Or is there some related advantage that I'm missing?  Either way, it doesn't seem ideal having to re-scale a network every time it's used at a different drawing scale...

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I think it is a "limitation" not a bug. Because there is the scale-workflow.

The only event the Network keeps the relationship of node size and network size is a layer scale. You are right, copy-paste improvement would have been more useful than layer scale.


To my knowledge it does not support the following other (often used) workflows directly:

1. Copy-paste network or plugIn on a layer with another layer scale

2. Edit in a symbol with a network, that was created by an active layer of another scale

3. Also there is an issue, if I copy-paste a network with text or graphic documentation.


It think it is all a question of development priority.

For me this was about point 4 in a list of wishes with 10 points. But for other marionette workers (which are not get used to that limitation) it could be priority #1 :-)


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Now that I finally seem to have Marionette working, I'm struggling with this page-scale-node vs world-scale-wires issue again.  I've just spent a bunch of time trying to figure out how, or even if, this issue can be overcome.  Evidently it can't be overcome by me...  No matter what I do, the combination of creation layer scale, network symbols created in page or world scale units, and differing, or changed, destination layer scales seems to ultimately lead me to really messed up node/wire relationships.  And tonight, when editing a thus messed up network symbol, dragging grossly oversized nodes caused them to resize as very tiny nodes (such that I actually ended up with two very different node sizes within one network...).


I still think the relationship between nodes and their wires should be a constant, regardless of design layer scale...

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