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Title Block, Sheet list, Drawing list interactivity


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So I set up a custom title block based own Andy's description and seems to "kind" of work.  When I change sheet name or number in the title block the layer list and the drawing list worksheet follows (after "recalculate).  When I do similar change in the layer list it also changes the title block and the drawing list worksheet  (after "recalculate).  However, when I change the drawing list only title block follows the changes after flipping forth to another layer and back.  So what I end up having is a title block tied to layer list with different names.

In a nutshell everything is working in all direction except the worksheet not being able to change the data in layer list.

Wondering if anybody has stumbled upon this problem.

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I think I am having a similar problem.


I'm making a new template for all our projects.

I created my title block, created all the sheet layers, created a worksheet to list sheet number and sheet title.


I needed to make some corrections. was able to update all the sheets (although this was kludgey as apparently vw can't  see capitalization of sheet titles. I had to change 'General' to 'General098457sdlkjfhg' and THEN change to 'GENERAL'). (but, whatever)....


Once I did that I tried to recalculate my worksheet. To no avail. Now I cant even access the Title Block Manager.


Do I have to start from scratch with my template?!? I can't even.


Does anyone have any suggestions for what the heck is going on?


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