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WORKFLOW : C4D EXCHANGE - Multiple Exchange

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If you make heavy usage of geometry updates from VW to C4D,

at one point it might be become unreliable.



Objects from VW in C4D will normally get names like "Object Type - Class Name - Suffix"

(like : "Extrude A-WOOD-PLANKS")

if you do a lot of things in VW like reusing obsolete Objects for changes and changing

their Classes and so their Materials, at one point you will notice that the Name will no more

correspond to their VW Class and finally Material Assignments/Changes will get lost when



At that point it will get only worse and unreliable.

The only chance will be a clean reimport.

But you want to temporarily keep the old import, in case you need some UV changes for differing

C4D Materials and don't want to loses these as a preset.


- Renaming the Locator Group of the whole VW package will not help to create a new import

  Group. It will be still "refreshed" only.

- Duplicating the VW file in Finder and renaming only will also not help. It will be still "refreshed" only.



You really need to "save as" your file to get a new Import Group Locator in C4D.

In this case, with the next "send to C4D", you will keep your temporary old corrupt Import and get a

new Import Group Locator with clean Geometry.



You are fine if you always assign your Materials to C4D Layers like Stone; Metal; Wood; ....

Because after that re-Exchange, you can find all Materials, that you might have already changed or

replaced in C4D, imported from VW again as duplicates - in the "None Layer" Tab.



Your C4D Materials may use complete different Texture Maps and so may need completely

different "UV" or Projection Mapping Sizes than the original VW imports.

Therefore it is good that you kept your old Material Assignments

(Unfortunately the place where C4D saves Texture Scales for each Object separately)

with the old kept Geometry.



Before replacing an obsolete VW Material with your C4D Material you should do a

"Select Objects and Tags" from your C4D Material an note your UV or Projection Mapping Sizes !



To find and replace those obsolete VW Material Assignments again,

you can activate the "None Layer" Tab -and-  SHIFT+LMB one of your Material Layers like "Metal"

to better divide visually C4D from obsolete VW Materials.

An "ALT+Drag" C4D Material over VW obsolete Material will correct such Material Assignments

back to C4D Materials for the whole new geometry.



Do a "Select Objects and Tags" from your C4D Material again,

with which you replaced the obsolete VW Material,

and assign all "different values" Mat Assignment Tag Fields again with the ones you noted (in # 4.)



If you replaced every Material - until there aren't any left in the Material Editors "None Layer" Tab,

you can finally delete the old corrupt VW Import Geometry (Yeah !)



This may need half a day of concentrated work, but it may help to keep your deadlines at the end.

Otherwise you will not see an end in trying to repair corrupt Material Assignments,

coming in again with the next Update/Exchange and everything will be more reliable again,

for a while ...



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