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Convert a planar NURBS Surface to Polyline

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7 minutes ago, jeandm said:


It's dirty but it works if you input enough accuracy... For some reason it says that it returns as many POLYs as the number of vertices, but in the group there is only one... Go figure



Hi @jeandm thanks for trying. What you are converting is a NUBS *curve*. In my example, I'm trying to convert a NURBS *surface* to polygon/polyline. I tried your node and it yields no result for a NURBS surface. I guess we'll have to wait for an official way to do this... 

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14 hours ago, Stephan Moenninghoff said:

OK, good luck! I think what we need is the "Extract 3D" tool's function with planar set as an option but there seems to be no node doing that. I have no idea if this could be scripted by hand.

I don't think there is a function available to us in python to do a surface extraction at this time, so I don't think we can pull this one off until it gets exposed to us. 

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Having recently been delving into Marionette more, I too have discovered that a node for the "Extract 3D" would be extremely useful.  Although my confidence in editing existing nodes is growing, I am not yet at the point of creating new nodes from scratch. 


One of the tasks I am aiming to automate is the extraction of areas from 3D wireframe models and then labelling and scheduling these in a worksheet. 


The ideal work flow for the as yet un-created tool would be:

  1. Extract all faces from selected (simple) 3D model. 
  2. Rotate all to be on same plane. (This step could be skipped if something like an ID label could be applied to the faces of the model)
  3. Apply a pre-determined label (from a symbol - as is possible in the Space Tool)
  4. Schedule the areas in a worksheet. 

I think I could just about manage steps 2 and 4, though no 1 is non-existent and although label creation nodes appear to exist, I'm not sure how to "fix" them to a 3D surface. 


Any thoughts or ideas welcome.





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