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Creating Hatches in 2017

Guest Blars

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Does VW offer a way to create a hatch of say standard running bond brick that also shows the mortar joint width?  I dont want to use a "tile" to create this as i want it to be line work and not a graphic representation of linework.  ... (hatching by using "tiles" is pretty awful, btw.)


Another question is why oh why is the hatch creation tool in the resource manager so archaic?  Why cant i just draw what i want the hatch to look like in that window?  Why am i restrained so extensively by being forced to use the convoluted hatch creation "tool?"  I feel like im trying to perform a complicated surgery with a baseball bat.


Thanks for your help / listening to my rant.

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That makes a new hatch from an existing hatch albeit with locally mapped characteristics. I would like something that will take a shape made of lines that I have drawn and convert it to a hatch. So if I manually draw lines in the shape of a tuft of grass, can I convert that into a hatch consisting of repeats of that tuft of grass? Is this an available function in VW, or does one have to use the VERY clunky hatch editor to create a completely newly designed hatch?

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