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This one has me stumped! The issue is a series of 6 cyc lighting fixture that don't shine evenly. It truly appears that 2 units are bright than the others, but not the same as each other either. Then there is a 'dark-light' up center, nicely darkening a brighter area on the cyc.

And here is one where only some of the fixtures rendered, like OLG but it's FastRenderworks.

Mostly the same lights are on, just the dark-light and some out of frame ones.


I've tried all sorts of fixes: I've checked all their settings too many times to count. Clearing the cache, if I got the right one. Changing fixture types, changing fixture positions. I also went back to a backup file to rebuild the geometry. The 'dark light' I can get away with just turning off, but if I'm asking for help I'm throwing all the info out there. I don't want to rebuild the file, it is fairly complex with multiple references and sheets.


For that matter I'm about to put in a plain surface with a glow texture and shut off the lights. Then again this is early in a 3 year project ...


Something seems really strange!

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When I wrote the post there were 2 images!

#1 shows the dark circle up center and the unevenness. #2 shows just some lights rendering in FastRenderworks.

Odd rendering.JPG

Odd rendering missing lights.JPG

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OK mostly sorted, still some strangeness here but I can move on.


The funky dark circles are my fault. They are from an ETC ColorSource PAR without a texture on the lens parts. I deleted the lens class (I really hate all these extra classes) and they didn't pick up the default instrument texture. But since they only cover part of the face some light got through.


I've worked around the uneven fixtures by deleting all but one and copying that across. A sledge hammer for what I think were corrupted fixtures, but it worked. What happened to them and why only some fixtures are rendering in image 2 above are still mysteries.

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we don't have a lens class that lenses are on.  they should be in the same class as the fixture overall (Incandescent, LED, Moving Light).  They just have a parts record.  and if you delete or change classes, sometimes it will disassociate the applied texture.  it can also happen when geometry is added, subtracted, or converted to Generic solid.


As an aside to the class structure, there will be a session at the Design Summit with myself, Andy, Tyler, and Kevin Allen.  in it we will be discussing workflows, classes and how the Spotlight classing structure came to be.  this will be a chance to discuss with me the why's and wherefore's of the classes in spotlight.

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I'm pretty sure all I did was delete a class, I don't recall what they were.


My workflow and class structure is probably pretty rare in the live entertainment realm as I mostly consult with architects. So I use that type of structure to blend with theirs. Most of my stuff goes into T- classes. I don't really care why you developed it, I was happy with simplicity. Nor do I expect you to change it for my limited type of use.


I do feel strongly that forcing any structure on users is a bad idea. Advice and suggestions are great but making me do extra work to match your concepts is wrong.

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