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Kevin McAllister



I would like to request the equivalent to Rhino's "Zoom Selected All" be added in the future to the upcoming Multiple Drawing Views feature. Essentially this command centres a selection in all of the open panes without changing their respective views (Top/Plan, Top, Right, 3d etc.), render settings etc.. It should likely be able to be set so it doesn't affect panes that look at Sheet Layers and so that it activates the container edit mode if the selected object is in a group or symbol.



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Yes, I also need a "fit selected" PLUS "fit all"

(Like C4D)

To zoom out without destroying my selection.


Also I vote for, as said the "Fit all/selected" for all views option.


And an additional "link views" to connect all 2D Views scale and position,

if I zoom in in one view.

(Like C4D or Modo)

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