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Is there a tool or function I can use to calculate how many instances of a given symbol I have in a drawing? or even better in a given area.  Basically the same idea as the instrument key in Spotlight, but to work with all types of symbols (speakers, truss symbols, etc).



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Start with Tools<Reports<Create Report.

List all: Symbols.

Click "Add All >>" button

Check the summarize button.

Click OK.




This will at least get you started, though further work with record formats and/or other criteria would be necessary to break down the worksheet further. Have you worked with worksheets before?

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If the symbols you want to count have Light Info records attached, then you can use the Instrument Key tool and set up some criteria with the Filter button. With that, you can choose which Position, Layer/s, Classes they need to be on or you can create the criteria yourself with the fourth tab which basically offers you the choices that creating a worksheet would do. Its really useful and a reliable way of sorting fixtures. I often have several instrument summaries on the go with different criteria set up.

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I actually recently wanted to create a symbol count worksheet in 2018, and it seemed to be exponentially more difficult than it was in 2017.


Could someone explain the most efficient steps to take in 2018 to get the exact same result as the steps I outlined above for 2017? (Not importing a worksheet but creating one).

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Hey guys,


Returning to this topic from a while back.  I have my symbol counting worksheets up and running, but it can't seem to handle lighting instruments in.  If I drop a light in as just a symbol it will come up fine in the worksheet, but if I drop in a lighting instrument it doesn't.  It works fine if I use the inventory spreadsheet that the "create reports" tool makes, but I can't get it to work within mine.  Any thoughts?



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