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export to Strata 3D

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I have been asked to render a 3D model of a building and it's interior using Strata 3D. It's a first time I am using Strata, and I have been following the instructions from Strata cafe for exporting VW files (exporting simple 3D script, converting to 3D polys, assigning classes etc). Everything seems to work fine, but I am stuck with exporting symbols in walls - like windows, for example. Basically what I want to know is whether it's possible to assign inserted symbols to their own class?

So far I've discovered that as long as the symbol is non-hybrid I can successfully export it together with the wall - so it is in the same class as the wall (assigning a separate class while editing the symbol in VW didn't seem to work). So when it comes to ungrouping, the wall and the window in it turn into millions of polygons :-( So I wonder if it's possible to avoid that by somehow grouping/assigning the symbol to a class before export...

Thanks for your help!


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1. Convert any symbol to gruop.

2. Ungroup any group

3. Divide your model by layer. (best if you catalog the layers by textures or material)

4. Put all yor layers Delta z =0, on layers setup.

5. All of your layers must be at top plan.

6. Put our layers "Show others, or show snap oher". No invisble layers.

7. Export DXF/DWG. Using dwg in any version. I prefer version 14. Use text.

8. On export window: Export layers as dxf layers. Select triangulate to preserve 3d fills. Decompose 3d objects. Export all 3d. Don'select 2d options.

9. Open it on strata 3d.

10. You'll see your model catalogued by layers.

Note: 3d conversion resolution on preferences it's important. More resolution more quality and more memory.

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