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Bonus Teaser - Cloud Services Website Upgrade

PVA - Jim

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello Forum members!


We have a bonus teaser for you today! And better yet, you get to try it right now!


The Vectorworks Cloud Services web site has been updated today to prepare for the upcoming release of Vectorworks 2018


Click here to try out the new improvements:






Web Portal

  • Responsive layout - website responds based on the browser window (mobile device) size
  • New sidebar for storage navigation, filtering options (Shared with me, Shared, Trash, third-party integrated storage) and easier Dropbox and Google Drive integration
  • New and more clear sharing interface
  • Ability to share a whole folder, and an option to create a public link with a chosen expiration date
  • Ability to create and delete a folder
  • Ability to delete files permanently from the Trash
  • Ability to switch between thumbnail and list view of your files, with sorting capabilities in both
  • More intuitive file selection with support of keyboard shortcuts for multiple file selection
  • Enhanced upload by drag and drop, and support for uploading multiple files when using the file browser
  • Context menu items display available actions based on current file selection
  • Better and more intuitive status dialog box 
  • New file preview screen
  • Header and footer changes (quick access to Help, no footer on file list page, footer items are in a menu, account related actions are under a person icon) 
  • Feedback and release notes quick access slide out
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1 hour ago, JimW said:

to keep sharing things we are working on here throughout the year rather than just leading up to a major version launch, we shall see.


+1 for this.. especially for BIM/CAD Managers, having to constantly keep tabs on Version changes for Workflows/Templates/etc every year, gets really taxing.. at least we'll have 'some' insight on upcoming changes. Already with the current 2018 teaser Tuesdays, I'm gearing up for the workflow change with multiple views (revising save views in the templates,etc).


For the cloud services:

- How much storage is available for the cloud service?

- is OneDrive on the roadmap? OneDrive comes with 1Tb storage with MS Office 2016.





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It's like a list of everything that went wrong with Nomad/CloudServices when I tried to set the boss up with a copy of his house project to take on holidays just two weeks ago. ;-)


Also agree with above are MS OneDrive and Apple iCloud on the cards, as both are more small business friendly. Also Aconex needs to be in the roadmap. 

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