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Tom Klaber


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Vectorworks - we NEED this capability.


We keep having these consistency meeting - and no matter how great our new standards are - we are forever plagued by our old sins - as anytime we move resources from older files - they bring with them the wrong classes.


We need an option that will alert you that you are bringing in new classes - and then an option to map those new classes to existing classes.  More over we need it to remember that map - so that when we copy again - the process will get smarter and smarter - and allow us to update our standards.  


I know you can do it!!

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I received this message today...




You are receiving this email as you some time ago you downloaded Vectorworks plug-ins such as SmartPaste or Intuitive Tools - or because you directly subscribed to our mailing list.

Following several discussions with Vectorworks Inc. to possibly integrate the functionality of SmartPaste within Vectorworks, I have to sadly notify you that SmartPaste and Intuitive Tools will be fully retired - and no longer available.

This also comes from recent development of our services towards CAM and BIM Management solutions, which do exclude the use of SmartPaste.

If you wish to unsubscribe from this mailing list, you may do so by clicking here: https://smartpaste.us12.list-manage.com/unsubscribe?u=8d96fd50ace40b9fee2208a0f&id=174e3e6356&e=bf82c07b06&c=a4b95b20c9

If you want to know more about about the BIM Specialist services we provide, do not unsubscribe and we will contact you soon with more information.

Thank you for your support using SmartPaste and Intuitive Tools in the past.

Wishing you the best endeavours,

Giovanni Petrolito

RIBA Part III Architect

BA Arch, LMU dip, ARB



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Okay, I managed to find a video of what Smartpaste does in Youtube (link below).


It seems like an amazing tool, and even though I've just learnt about this tool I'm disappointed that, for whatever reasons, the discussion between SmartPaste and Vectorworks broke down. 


It is a fundamental flaw with Vectorworks that new classes creation cannot be properly controlled. We end up with so many unwanted class each time we download a furniture object, or import from consultants. 


I have spent many a weekend in the office to 'clean up' rogue classes in a file.

I can only do this 'clean up' when everyone is away, and I don't have 'permissions' issues with our project-sharing vwxp files. And since our files are so large, 'deleting a class' actually takes more than one-minute for each class.

Notably, I have to delete these classes one-by-one, as I need to correctly properly reassign objects within each deleted class. This takes several hours. 


SmartPaste would have saved me doing this ridiculous task of class-cleaning. 


So, can someone from Vectorworks explain to us what is the plan moving forward, now that the discussion with Smartpaste has broken down, and they have discontinued development for this plugin?


I hope it is the case that Vectorworks has developed a similar tool in-house. 



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It was amazing.

It is soooo hard and painful to keep files clean.  We are having a terrible time trying to modify our standards because old standards follow us around.  The first day I installed this it was annoying, but then it learned the mapping - and it was amazing - then it became a tool I relied on to keep drawings clean.  It saved sooo much time - as I did not have to manually re-class things before bringing thing over.  I could be cavalier - copying and pasting with wild abandon - knowing that the current project standards were safe. 


I am so curious as to why VW would pass up on incorporating this into the software.   


@vectorworksCan we get this on the wish list?



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Thank you for sharing your journey on the development of SmartPaste with us @GioPet.


It would be a real shame if this great tool would come to an end just like that. 

@JuanP @Matt Panzer I see you guys as user advocates 😁.


Since you seem to understand how we use Vectorworks- can you help investigate how we can get the features/functionalities of SmartPaste into Vectorworks?

Seems like Giovanni has already done a lot of work in developing this tool. I'm not an engineer but I wonder if it would be that much work for your engineers to bring in what he's already done?


Thanks guys. 

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This seems like one of those less sexy but key weapons in the BIM wars.   I actually think it would make a great showcase in a feature video to show how VW helps you collaborate with others by being able to map their class structure to yours - keep your file clean and speeding up importing information. 


No brainier.  

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As users subscribers of Vectorworks, I understand we may not be in a position to tell Vectorworks what to do commercially.


So, may I ask just about the features that has been developed by Giovanni in SmartPaste? 

I can really see how these features helps with our workflow. 


Below you can find a video of us demonstrating the process to 'clean up' a file. That is, 'deleting a class' from our Vectorworks file. 

I recorded it on my iPhone, as 'screen recordings' via Quicktime do not show the 'spinning beach ball', which indicates 'processing'.


Our computers have good specs, so the slowless is due to the large file size (2.2GB) and complexity. 

This cleanup process we'd do class-by-class: to make sure we don't accidentally delete the wrong things within a given glass, or reassign objects to a wrong class in the process.


Hence, multiply the length of this video by 50 to get a sense of the pain of this process for us users. 

I would like Giovanni's SmartPaste tool, or something similar, to relief us from this pain. 


So, just speaking about this on a user-feature level, and not touching upon any potential commercial arrangements between Vectorworks and SmartPaste, can @JuanP please shed some light on whether these features may come in future versions?





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Adding my vote to this topic. 


This is a critical omission. 


VW encourages a class reliant workflow and without the capacity to map and assign classes over time, the whole system breaks down.  We are in the process of investing significant resources into developing our office class standards ... and now I'm really wondering if that is even worth doing.

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On 3/15/2020 at 6:04 AM, Taproot said:

over time, the whole system breaks down.  


Agree @Taproot not only does the Vectorworks 'classes' system break down- when there are too many classes, it breaks the computer too. 

This weekend I was trying to use 'purge' to get rid of unwanted class from importing consultant's drawings (there are about 600 classes).

After 12 hours of churning, this action finally broke my computer- the RAM required Vectorworks blew out to over 140GB!



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