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Why more than 5 cavities in a wall?

try exiting double skin brick wall rendered outside and plasterboard lining on resilient mounted furring channels with insulation to the inside.

I'd make that 5-8 cavities.

if your working with existing buildings and need to improve fire rating or sound rating this is not an uncommon construction.

But i think there are different improvement that could be made to the wall tool that could make this and other situtations easier to deal with.

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Peter,...sounds like a nightmare...join tool wouldn't work, I'd get a thick line in the middle of my wall etc etc.

As ever with VW's limitations there is a workaround (read: more work than it should be...), of not using the wall tool in Architect, but using the wall tool in the core program, which has no limit to the number of cavities.

...Trouble is, the wall cavity tool in core-VW is the worst designed tool I've ever come accross in any CAD program (And I've worked with ADT, ArchiCAD, Microstation, Revit).

You'll know why I save every wall I ever make...

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Any news in the layer control area... the fact that I cannot see the complete layer label ~in the dialouge box of all places~ REALLY puts a kink in the day. Also... I'd love to be able to toggle a layer off and on from the working page not through a dialouge box.

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Can you please bring me back up to speed with the first comment?

The second comment - you'd like a palette that stays on the screen, right?

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I mis-stated.... I would love to be able to see my entire CLASS label, not layer label.

Three things:

1) I would love to be able to see the entire Class label on the working page, not just the first 17 characters, this way I could use the arrow controls a LOT more effectivly for class assignment as I draw.

2) I would love to be able to toggle the active class on and off some how... maybe there is and I just don't know the short cut. This TOO would make use of the arrow keys and quick visualizations. This would help the next issue.

3)I love the sub-classes that I can create to help organize my doc, but I cannot see the entire label in the class dialouge box. I find it strange that I cannot manipulate the size of this box in any way. so when I do want to turn a class on or off I kinda have to guess which one it is... and that really blows.

And while I'm at it... is there a short cut key to "fit to object" , "fit to Window" , "sheet List" and "normal scale". Could there be??? Could vector script solve these issues?? Should I learn it??

Also... do you babysit?

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So myafter bugging my IT guy for VW 10.5 he lets me know that there is an 11. We talk about it for a bit, and we where concerned about being burned like we where with 9.0 Like JNR said

" You all have a long way to go to convince those of us burned by 8.0, 9.0, and 10.0 that a new release is stable"

Is 11 going to be more stable than 9, and 10?

I know better than to buy a -.0 product from you because I've had issues in the past, but I'm tempted because I'm still in 9.5.

Convince me.

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I've already posted this on the architect web site, but just make sure some see's it, I'll put it here as well.

I've recently been able to start using Vectorworks 11(A). As impressed as I am with many of the new features (and I am impressed) I'm rather dissapointed that you've removed some very basic features. Why am I now unable to frame 'roof faces'? I'm working in Thailand on houses in a malay style. Typicaly these have roofs with at least 2 different angles between the edge of the roof and the center (giving the impression of a little hat sitting on top). And a compleatly open structure from below. 90% of the roofs that I make are made using the 'roof face' comand. and I now have to frame them all individualy.

You don't need to update the new frame command (although it would be nice) The frame command in VW 10 is sufficient can you please bring it back in an update? You'll be saving me hours (if not days) of work.


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