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VectorWorks 11 Now Shipping

Columbia, Maryland (April 19, 2004)? Nemetschek North America announced today that it has updated its entire line of VectorWorks products to version 11. VectorWorks, ARCHITECT, LANDMARK, SPOTLIGHT, MECHANICAL, and RenderWorks 11 offer enhanced tools and technology that make production drafting more efficient and modeling easier. Furthermore, new page layout capabilities along with new and faster rendering modes enable users to better communicate their design intent.

Richard Diehl, CEO, Nemetschek North America, stated, "VectorWorks 11 is a milestone release in our almost twenty-years of development

history. Existing users will be pleased with the improved functionality in version 11 that allows them to continue to design in their own way

only faster and easier. Our new technology in 11 will invite users from other programs to re-evaluate their software?s capabilities."

Advanced page layout features make it easy to compose drawing sheets that combine different views of a design at varying scales with text,

annotations and other graphical elements. Also new to VectorWorks 11 are Artistic rendering modes that produce softer, hand-sketched

effects. New image compression technology reduces file sizes quickly. Users will also find support for QuickTime? VR as well as for AutoCAD? 2004 and ACIS? solids.

Real-time texture mapping and editing; new trim and extend capabilities; improved drawing organization; batch printing; faster hidden line rendering; better annotation tools; context sensitive online help, support for multi-processors; and faster, more robust 3D modeling, are just some of the new capabilities you?ll find in VectorWorks 11. For a detailed list of the new product line features, visit


"VectorWorks 11 makes it a great deal easier to create presentations that resonate with clients. The new Artistic rendering modes are great.

They allow me to create softer, sketchier images that help describe projects imaginatively by using beautiful and informal graphics. Plus,

the new page layout capabilities are an enormous time-saver. Now it is even easier to make quick changes and immediate re-renderings of the final scenes. For design and presentation purposes, the version 11 is a major improvement over 10?this is a must-have update," says Dan Jansenson, Architect.

Nemetschek North America (formerly Diehl Graphsoft) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of European software giant Nemetschek AG. A global leader in design technologies, Nemetschek N.A. has developed CAD software for the personal computer since 1985. VectorWorks, our flagship product, is one of the world's best selling CAD products and is available in over 85 countries and is translated in 14 languages. The VectorWorks Industry Series is a line of products designed specifically to meet the needs of designers in the fields of AEC, entertainment and landscape design. For more information, visit www.nemetschek.net

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Including QTVR and a feature to automatically set wall heights to a changing roofline or a nurbs surface!!!!!, plus some bug fixes I've been told have been implemented, makes this waaaaaaay exciting for me. Now gotta get a sense of its stability and which OSX version it works best on. This is awfully cool if it's ready for prime time!

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and don't forget to mention the small new that dashed lines now make sure they have solid lines and start and end.

it seems like a lot of small refinements as well as some cool new tools in the package. Recommended configuration would be nice info.

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Minimum Requirements:

Mac General Requirements:

OS 9.2.2 or later, Carbon Lib 1.5 or later

OS 10.1 or later

POwer PC G3 or newer

Windows General Requirements:

Win 98 or later, Win NT or later

Pentium or newer


RAM: 128MB

110 MB Free hard drive space

VectorWorks + RenderWorks

Ram: 256 MB

1 GB free hard drive space

VectorWorks Architect, Landmark, Mechanical, or Spotlight:

RAM: 256 MB

200 MB free hard drive space, 1.2 GB free hard drive space with Spotlight Gobo textures

VectorWorks Architect, Landmark, Mechanical, or Spotlight + RenderWorks

RAM: 256 MB

1 GB free hard drive space, 2 GB free hard drive space if installing Gobo Textures.

Please note, these are suggested mimimum system requirements. In many cases, we recommend a significantly more capable machine than is descirbed by the above minimum requirements.

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Questions for version 11:

Has the worksheet been improved?

Word wrap in cells?

ODBC connectivity or something like it? Importing database (specifications) in 10 is a joke (cells extend from here to Columbia)...

Has text formatting been improved (tabs, justification, etc?

Is a dynamic link to building sections using viewports possible? (as onced promised) Recutting static sections as floor plans change is a pain.

New functions = instability in the code = loss of revenue for the user. Has this NNA paradigm changed with this release?

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VW11 - excellent.

We've sent an enquiry to our local distributor (United Kingdom) to see if they can get hold of it. Is it available internationally yet?

VIEWPORTS/PAPERSPACE - fantastic. Life just got easier. Training all of our ex-AutoCAD users just got a hell of a lot easier. Round viewports...cool.

BATCH FEATURES - great addition

Does anyone know if they have added a 'rotate 2D workplane' feature?

And have they implemented scroll-wheel panning and zooming properly (like AutoCAD)?

And how about coloured object handles....please, please, please?

Early additions to the VW11.5 wishlist if not...

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I've always considered the short commings of the worksheets to be the Achillies heel of this program. This is evident in the limitations of the editability of schedules, lack of word wrap in the cells, lack of ODBC connectivity (or something like it), the clunkiness of the worksheet interface (pull down menus for to select any function?), etc.

I keep my architectural specifications in a separate database (because there is no word wrap and the notes database in an unstable program (version 10)is too risky and lacks formatting capabilities), and the only way to get the information into the document set is to cut and paste a bitmap (windows). This is absurd.

Furthermore like all software companies, there seems to be a culture of the "seduction of functionality" at NNA. More time is spent introducting new bells and whistles than on getting the current functions to operate efficently and reliably. Its like an American automotive manufacturer producing a brand new model every 18 months. No wonder the Honda accord is so popular, they continue to refine and perfect instead of re-invent. You all have a long way to go to convince those of us burned by 8.0, 9.0, and 10.0 that a new release is stable and won't cost us $10,000 in lost billable time.

Too bad about the dynamic sections--architects need it desperately.

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The 2d grid cannot be rotated in 11.0, our engineers still have a strong eye on that on our wish list.

You can scroll and pan with the mouse, it's just not identical to the way AC handles it. This has been available since 10, maybe even 9.5. Once you get used to the way VW handles it, you may find it easier the VW way.

To pan, hold down the space key and drag the mouse around.

To scroll up and down, simply move the wheel up and down. Side to side? - hold down alt and use the wheel

To zoom in and out, hold down contrl and move up or down with the wheel.

The selection handle alert has not been added. This is definately on the wish list none the less.

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You will find VW 11 to be more productive more so than introducing new features. Of course, the new feature set contributes to being more productive. However, alot of the engineers have spend grueling hours for the past 18 months enhancing many features to make your profession easier.

If you are sceptic about VW 11, don't be. You can try it for 90 days. If you don't like what you see, send it back for a full money back guarantee.

We understand the demand for ODBC connectivity, and dynamic workgroup referencing, as well as worksheet improved functionality. Please know that these are not easy implentations. Viewports alone took several years to design so we could present the users with a fantastic and productive tool. The requests for ODBC and your other wishes are not being ignored. It takes years to implement anything to these degrees, and sometimes requires to invest in outside applications to build into VW. That of course increases the price of the product.

Over the next few weeks, I'm sure you'll see posts here by VW 11 user's. From what we've received so far from upgrade customers, everyone is impressed and pleased with the product.

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Several people have requested the ability to use the scroll wheel for zoom and pan functions as in Autocad. The VW way is definitely not easier, requiring extra keypresses and two hands just to zoom or pan is counterproductive. Would it be possible for us to be given the option somewhere in a preferences menu to choose one or the other?

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Thanks for the reply. I agree with Kingram on the scroll wheel...the way AutoCAD (and ArchiCAD) does is is just better - it only needs one hand, and using modifier keys during another command can switch the command if you are not very dextrous.

We're grown up, please give us the option. I think you'll see which way your users prefer. [smile]

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


Originally posted by Santino Di Renzo:

is VW11 compatible with dual processor? in other words can I keep working while exporting a massive 3d file to artlantis for which now takes about 20 minutes?

Dual processor support wouldn't help with this issue, because the export code needs the document "frozen" while it writes it. Are your files very large? You're using the Artlantis export plug-in, right?

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I can appreciate the time and effort it has taken to implement viewports. Its a major improvement which should help with attracting irritated autosuc users (I was once one of them). Unfortunately my hair is still singed and fingers reduced to bloody stumps after being burned by 8.0,9.0 and 10.0. The lack of stability of new software versions has cost me way too much, so you'll have to understand if I'm not ready to jump anytime soon.

You'll have to understand my frustration as I have been raising the issue about ODBC, dynamic sections, worksheet function and text editing since 8.5. Its been a few years and little has been done to improve these areas in that time. Furthermore it was a little mind numbing when I heard that advances in text editing in version 10 had to be "dumbed down" so that it would work with the Apple OS (probably pre X). My file sizes balloon out of control when I have to add specification text as a bit-map because neither the text tool (with little to no formatting capability) nor the worksheets (with no word wrap in the cells) can handle blocks of text.

Personally I don't care what it costs as I spend more in lost productivity than in whatever the software may cost. Its a false economy to fret over several hundred dollars if improved function can derrive more profit for the user.

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