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Viewing only a select few objects

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Go to the Workspace Editor and add Custom Visibility to your Tools Menu (or where ever you want them) and then use that to create scripts. 


The first script you need is one that will Show All Objects.d That way if you hide something you can get it back.


The second one you want is Hide Not Selected. That way you can select the objects you want to see and hide all of the other ones.


If you want to be more specific you can use more advanced criteria to show exactly what you want.

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I think what @PatStanfordis referring to is the Custom Visibility Command which is a menu item. I don't think its part of most workspaces but you can add it  (as he said earlier) by going to Tools/Workspaces/Edit current workspace and scrolling down the menu commands until you find Custom Visibility. I have added it to my Tools menu under all the other custom commands. You can then use it to set up various criteria for showing/hiding objects. Really useful.

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16 minutes ago, halfcouple said:

What if I dont rember which selection I did hide ? Is there a list which objects are hidden ? Or can this only be done with the redo-function ?

Then you have to make a script to show all that is not visible. Should be straightforward if you've worked out how to hide stuff. The best bit about it is that it creates a script that you can use forever.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 13.39.52.png

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The first script I create when I am working with custom visibilities is ALWAYS called Show All.   As you said above Criteria is All Objects and Symbols, Plugins, and Viewport Annotations all checked.


This will undo any custom visibilities you have in the drawing.


Custom Visibilities are on top of Layer and Class visibilities, so if you confuse yourself make sure you check all three places.





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