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Workflow : Grass Shader in Symbols and C4D Exchange


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It is very nice that the Grass Shader in VW also works within Symbols.

That makes it easy to create instances of plant tubs or other green furniture.



that will not work in C4D after Import/Exchange when you keep your Symbols als Instances in VW order.

Which I think is the recommended way to go for Symbols.

Grass Shader Materials (like Lights) in Symbols will not work as "Render Instances".


Export as "Render Instances" is VW's only option to get VW Symbols into C4D and not dissect them into

separate geometry.



So if you encounter such problems with Symbol exports not working as expected,

try to search the Instance Copies in C4D by Name

(You can't isolate them by Single Layer (Class) display, as Instances from VW unfortunately don't have

a Layer assigned like their Symbols Original)

and deactivate the Instance Copies "Render Instances" option - so they will work again.

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Thanks Dave.


I had a discussion with @EAlexanderlately,

he had similar problems with his lights in symbols.

He voted for exporting ALL symbol instances as standard instances while

I think that render instances are the right way to go in 98% of cases,

like for standard geometry.


If there is a way export "symbols containing lights" automatically always with

C4D's "render instances" option off that would be fine.

Don't know it would be similar easy to find :

"Symbols that contain Objects that use a Material that has a grass shader assigned"

But "render instances" off would be cool there too.




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