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Hi Donald,

I don't think the VectorWorks EPSF export is very useful at all.

From what I can tell, it exports a low resolution image file that cannot be manipulated once saved.

In OS Version 9, we always made our EPS files by Saving to EPS using the LaserWriter driver.

This creates high resolution files, embeds the fonts, and a graphic drawing comes in as a fully editable vector drawing if opened in Adobe Illustrator.

Unfortunatly, in OS X Apple has not included the ability to save as EPS a in the PrintCenter, the only chioices are PDF, or PS.

I am still looking for a good way to make an EPS in OS X. We have several consultants who use Illustrator to do sales brochures from the floor plans we export to them. They all say the VectorWorks EPS export is worthless to them. We have to relaunch VectorWorks in Classic so we can use the LaserWriter Driver to make the EPS.

I have never understood why the VectorWorks EPS export is so different than Adobe's.

Any comments from Nemetschek?

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I just did an EPSF export from VW 9.5 on Mac OS X and took it into Illustrator. Fully editable, no problems. Well, fonts did not export, but I had used TrueType fonts in the file.

Your several consultants - well, I don't know what their problem is because I have used Illustrator hundreds of times to touch up VW graphics.

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What version of Illustrator are you using, and and when you say "fully editable", do you mean it comes in as a Vector drawing with objects that can be moved about individually, deleted or modified?

I do not have Illustrator, so I have never been able to test this. I am only going on what consultants have told me.

Also, what EPS preview options did you use?

When I export an EPS from VectorWorks to my desktop and then import it back into VectorWorks from my desktop, it comes into VectortWorks as an EPS "Picture" with only four handles and no editing capabilities other than distortion or deletion.

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Originally posted by PeterT:


What version of Illustrator are you using, and and when you say "fully editable", do you mean it comes in as a Vector drawing with objects that can be moved about individually, deleted or modified?

As individual vector elements that can be moved, deleted etc. into ancient Illustrator 7.

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Thanks for the info Petri, but now I am totally unclear on the whole eps thing. This is part of the problem with sending files to someone else, you never know what they are doing at the other end.

I am trying not to have to buy Illustrator just to find out how to send files to my consultants.

Maybe Nemetschek can reply:

What is the intended output of the epsf export, and if the intention is for it to keep the Vector information, why does come in as a single object EPS "picture" when imported back into VectorWorks?

Are there specific export settings I need to use to keep the export editable?

The VectorWorks User Guide says the export is of "high resolution" and "full accuracy" but this implies nothing as to whether it is an image file or a vector drawing, or how to get the desired result.

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No, I don't really want to import it back into VectorWorks, but since I do not own Illustrator, the only way I can get an idea of what I have exported is to import it back in and assume if it is bad, the export was bad.

But now I have read the "Screen Tips" which say that the EPS import will come in as a single non-editable object, so I guess there is no way to really verify what will come out at the other end of an export without seeing it in Illustrator.

Back to the original problem. Oh well, I guess I have to assume that my consultant is doing something wrong, as they are the only ones saying they can not edit the EPS I give them.



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I export back and forth from Illustrator daily, feel free to email me that file and I could tell you what's going on.


The VectorWorks file imports are an oddity to people who only use Illustrator. I have been training a new employee who came to us from the graphics only field and he has stated that the imported files "act" differently than a drawing originated in Illustrator. Perhaps that is what your consultants are commenting on.

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