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Class/Layer question

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I started working in an office that was drawing on the board originally, and we started using VW. I have been using AutoCad for about 10 years and I'm trying to de-program myself with "AutoCad-way-of-thinking".

My Question:

What is the best way to drawing a floor plan if it is going to be used for more than one drawing?

In AutoCad I could create a Window to change the scale and position of the drawing on the sheet.

How would I do something like that in VW?

-Thank You

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David, you are referring to viewports.

While you can't do viewports currently, you can create layer links. Layers and layer links can be set to different scales in the layer definition.

After you create a few different layer links of several layers, and set each to a different view, such as for elevations, you can then save a sheet that has only those layer link layers set to be visible.

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Another option is to select the plan, or the parts of it that you want to use at the larger scale, and issue the "Copy" command. Then change to a different layer, at a different scale, and "Paste". It'll be like having another, differently scaled, viewport to the same part of model space. You can select either version of the plan and drag it around on the page.

The second copy won't update when you change the first, but if you keep the parts that will be used in both scales on a separate layer (for each scale), you can update by just copying and pasting what's on that layer.

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