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Custom ID tag for Existing Tree

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I have placed 80 surveyed trees on a drawing using the existing tree tool. I want to include information in the ID tag which includes an extra field I have created for additional notes.  This field shows on the object info palette, but there is no way to include this in the ID tag - there is a limited range of choices I can make. This seems very basic - is there anyway around this?  Surely I should be able to determine which fields appear in the ID tag?


This complaint was raised in 2014, I'm hoping someone might have resolved this in the past 3 years!




Landmark 2017


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Great question, I am curious how to handle the situation of inventory trees as well.


We typically get survey files with coordinates for trees, a unique id number for each, and sometimes additional information about the health, type, quality of the trees.


We then add botanical/common name information, select an action to be applied to the tree (remain in place, relocate on site, salvage, destroy), and create notes as required.


Having this information attached to the tree and reportable sure would be helpful...

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