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Tracing eps into single-line polygon

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Is there a way to tracing or import or convert an eps outline drawing into a single-line polygon???

What I've come up with time and time again, is needing to trace a scanned in image of a hand-drawn tree. I then import the jpg/pict version on my drawing and trace by a single line polygon.

Is there any way to convert an eps format hand drawing into a polygon line. Anytime I import an eps...it just comes out with a boundary box, and not the actual lines...

Any suggestions or solutions.



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One method below (there are several)

In Illustrator, make sure the outlined item has some level of line (stroke) weight. Export to AutoCad.

In Vectorworks; import the Illustrator/Autocad File. When the 1st popup windo appears, assign the import as "All 3d".

The imported item doesn't resize easily unless you select and convert all to line. Then you can resize. If you need to assign solids, you can select each shape and extrude & subtract solids where needed.

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