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Arrows don't move selected item, they move my view to another position on the layer

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I am a student working on Vectorworks 2017.  I was working on a file in vectorworks 2016 and have opened it and am now working in Vectorworks 2017 on Mac.  If I select any item - text, shape etc - and try to move it using the arrow buttons on the keywboard, it doesn't move the selected item, it throws my view in that direction.  As far as I can tell the item is still selected.  The view changes in the direction of the arrow.

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@justinekwoodIf you want to nudge with just the arrows, there's a little more to it.


Nudge has user defined options you can access from Tools>Options>Vectorworks Preferences...




Just switch the arrow key options to suit your preference. For example just arrow for Nudge objects can be chosen (as above).


I would guess you were previously using a copy of 2016 that another user had set to their preferred default and (having got used to that) you expected the (as it turns out - default) 2017 to respond in the same way.


Vectorworks is great in that you can 'make it your own', but using in a multi-seat environment (which I'm guessing you may well be in) can sometimes come-back-at-yer when others have set options you are unaware of.


..................................On the other hand, now you know what options are available, you might like a bit of shift-arrow.


All the best.

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