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Roof dormer faces - unwanted transparency

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Previously this roof was properly displayed, with the same tiling on the dormer as is visible on the rest of the roof.

At some point recently (I'm not exactly sure when,) just the dormer went "transparent" and I don't know how to fix it.

This happens in OpenGL and in Shaded Polygon modes. In Renderworks it renders normally and properly.


How do I get the dormer faces back to the same texture / opacity as the roof?  Trying to re-apply using the Attributes panel has no effect.


Hints please? Thanks.



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The dormer is "part of" the roof, i.e. it was added there automatically using VW's built-in dormer-creation feature. It is not a separate 3D object.


Strangely, when I select the whole roof, change the fill to a solid color, then try to change the fill back to the proper tiled fill (i.e. what it looked like before,) I now get a *reversal* of the effect. The whole roof becomes transparent, while the dormer is properly tiled (!).


?? Still lost here.



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SOLVED -- yes, somehow just that facet of the roof had lost its fill color in Top/Plan.


Fixed as follows:

- Go to Top/Plan

- Select the entire roof (1 click)

- Use Attributes panel to set fill to None.

- Then set the fill to a solid color.

- Then set the fill to a hatch.


After that, the Class *tile* fill becomes properly visible again in 3D OpenGL view.

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I am not sure what to do. 

If you make a copy of the roof and place it in another file and try modifying it. I would try to remove the dormer and recreate it to see if that helps.


I usually make my roofs with the roof face tool so i don't have mush experience with the roof tool. 


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