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Complex Cabinetry and determining Linear Extrude destinations

Jeremy Best

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I'm exploring the viability of using Marionette to create bespoke cabinets. They will vary in H, W, D, number of bays and bay components. I intend to use the script to generate several outputs; a simplified 3D model suitable for Hidden Line rendering used to illustrate the configuration; a detailed 3D model with panel gaps, filleted edges and individually orientate-able woodgrain textures suited to presentation Final Quality renderings; and (eventually) cut-lists derived solely from the input parameters. - But I'll start with just the simplified 3D cabinet first. 


I'm at the early stages of still figuring out what Marionette is capable of and how to achieve things that seem possible that will enable the above. As a result of seeing the impressive post by @DomCthe "parametric metal framework cabinet" I decided learning Python would be necessary, but it's slow going so I've returned to experimenting with Marionette nodes as-they-are, especially because of subsequent enhancements to Marionette's repertoire. 


Currently I'm stuck trying to make Extruded 2D polygons spawn at the desired location. I'm testing using the top panel of a long TV cabinet. I created the top panel's profile and prescribed it's location by using four point locations. The network achieves this up until the 2D polygon gets created, but when the Extrude node goes to work, it gets put on the opposite side of the Y axis. How do I control this? Or is there a better way of crafting and positioning these panels? (Note that many panels will have at least one mitred end so I can't use rectangles and standard extrude nodes). I'm now thinking about lofting between two profiles for each panel, but this is getting rather busy... 


Does this interest either you @Marissa Farrellor @DomC?


Any help or guidance on offer would be great. Thanks! 

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 22.00.00.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 23.06.50.png

Marionette Sto - Dev 03.vwx

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Phooey. After that long post I just figured our a solution to this aspect of the challenge; The 2D points are only relative to the plane the 2D polygon is created on and don't get passed through to subsequent operations. I've realised I was probably being wishful that I didn't have to add extra wires to those 3D Point nodes and was expecting that all 3D generated objects would spawn on the right side of 0,0 when no other coordinates are specified. Not so! 


Well, if anyone would like to contribute thoughts or ideas about the rest of what I'm trying to achieve, please do! - I put this up so others could benefit from my situation as well. 


Now that I've established how to do this aspect (and that the rest of the cabinet panels are obviously doable) I'm going to zoom out and test putting boolean operations in front of everything else that will determine the number of bays and what components will go in them. Any advise on fulfilling this is appreciated! I'm particularly curious as to whether the presence of OIP variables can change based on prior OIP variables or how I might otherwise determine the configuration from all the variations possible... 

Marionette Sto - Dev 03.vwx

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