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VW Slow To Quit

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We have one machine that is randomly experiencing this issue too. a 733 Mhz g4/10.3.3 VWA 10.5.1. I can boot the machine have nothing but the finder running, and continually launch and quit from VW ?not opening a document other than the automatic blank sheet VW opens on it's own?and 3 times out of five it takes about this long to quit. I've repaired permissions, did a archive and install WITHOUT remembering netork settings and permisions, combo installer to 10.3.3, clean install from VWA CDs for 10.1.2 followed by updaters. I've tried default workspaces, custom workspaces no custom plugins, our standard array of custom plugins, all with the same behavior.

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Thanks for the quick response. The slow quit would happen in either of the scenarios you describe. However, the good news is that I may have inadvertantly solved the problem.

I set up this machine to drive two displays off of one video card. All our other machines have two cards, but I installed an ATI 8500 which can drive two monitors, so I thought I would give it a try (our older ATI secondary cards require a workaround in OS X, kind of a pain).

My initial setup had the gray startup screen showing up on the secondary monitor. This was the setup that produced the slow quit behavior. When I switched ports on the card I got the startup on the main monitor and also fixed VW (quitting is now instantaneous).

I don't know if there is a cause and effect relationship here, but the only other thing I did that I can think of is repair permissions a few times. In any case I'm not complaining!

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